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Indonesian seafarers are among the most utilized and most successful in the world. While we love and respect every corner of the Republic, we know there is a significant difference with Balinese Crewmembers. The proof is the thousands of Balinese Crew and Staff members on board the greatest Cruise liners and in the world’s best hotels and resorts.

Young men and women from Bali are born to be friendly. Their smile is natural and permanent. Politenesses, tolerance, integrity, cleanliness, respect, and isat the heart of our way of life. It\'s what we are.

Tourism is the lifeblood of Bali, and Tourists have taught us many languages. For this reason, you will be more likely to find young Balinese crewmembers and resort staff able to speak (or learn quickly) the language of your Guests.

PT. Bali Paradise Citra Dewata is the training and recruitment arm of Bali Paradise Crew, one of the first purpose-built Cruise-specific academies in Indonesia. The company was established in 1980 by a group of former Cruise employees who saw the need to cultivate young people with specific Cruise expertise. All training is conducted in a formally certified and licensed Education Institution, specializing in the teaching and development of prospective crewmembers intent on a career in the Cruise industry.

We offer a comprehensive training curriculum covering every Hotel (and some Deck and engine) operational and middle-management positions.

As BPC is not a traditional employment agency, our core activity is to source, train, and develop the talents and abilities of young people who show potential for excellence in the field of the Cruise and hospitality industries. We focus on quality and excellence. We have never sought to offer our graduates on the basis of profit or commission. This would run counter to the spirit and beliefs of our Balinese creed.

We are bound by our vision to offer graduates a profession only if they meet the strict requirements of our principals, and only if they attain the standards of excellence set by the Academy.

At any given time, the training Academy has around 1000 students (and former cruise and hotel employees) undergoing specific training for embarkation (and in many cases re-embarkation). To ensure the requirements of Principals are achieved, we include specific training based on the procedures or required by the Principal. ( Specific languages, sanitation to comply with specific regions, chemical handling, and pest control, IT etc.)

Our students are boys and girls aged from 17 to 25. Their backgrounds include school graduates and hotel (or cruise) employees with basic experience right up to fully qualified crewmembers with several years of first class service with international cruise companies, resorts and hotels.

Training and retraining starts with the basics for all students, new or experienced. After initial assessment, they enter the Academy for a 24-week diploma course equivalent to a hospitality program.

This is followed by a 48-week diploma course, equivalent to two hospitality program and orientation course covering restaurant skills, housekeeping, wine knowledge and bar skills (including Flair tending) and Cruise product knowledge. This intense course includes specific training in food production, food safety, personal hygiene, integrated pest management, galley cleaning and a detailed sanitation course based on the Vessel Sanitation Program ( USPHS) and the new European Shipsan regulations.

A major part of our training is to enhance the already inherent Balinese spirit of courtesy, attitude and general guest services. Two weeks of the training are dedicated to leadership and effective communication.

As well as our own curriculum, we use as training references the latest versions of the World Health Organization’s Food Code, the newest US Public Health Operations manual, Shipsan ( Europe ) and the Asian and Australian Public Health and Hospitality regulations.

As part of the experience requirements, all primary graduates are given extended on-job training experience in one of the 5 stars Hotels in Bali where they have their first ‘hands-on’ experience in the field at which they have shown special skills.

After 48 weeks in hotels, all recruits return to the Academy for intense ‘finishing’ training, after which they are ready for graduation and preselection for the Cruise, resort or hotel industry.

The headquarters of BPC is close to the heart of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. The 3-story fully airconditioned structure is fully owned by the Academy, and offers an ideal center for basic to advanced training.

As well as 10 classrooms and lecture rooms, the academy has two large training restaurants, a large language laboratory, three complete service and cocktail bar, buffet line, reception(Guest Service) training facility, well equipped galley with flight-type warewashing machinery, a Crew messroom (cafeteria), rooftop swimming pool and 40 cabins in 2, 3 and 4-bed configuration.

Distance from airport : 10 km-about 20 minutes (in good traffic and with a clever driver)
Distance from City : 2 km
Classrooms : 10 (capacity 30 each room)
Training Restaurant : 2
Bar facility : 3 (2 indoor and buffet (1 outdoor) pool bar
Training Cabins : 40 x twin / single bed simulated outside cabin with bathroom and balcony (5 suite room)
Training Kitchen : 1 (with flight-type warewashing equipment), convection ovens, tilting pans, separate area for food carving and gardemanger training)
Lecture Auditorium : 1 (500 seats)
Cafeteria :1 (with independent kitchen)
Swimming Pool : 1 (rooftop similar to a Cruise Ship pool)
Gymnasium : 1
Spa pool : 1

Our Academy is open to all applicants, but the waiting list and space makes it impossible for us to operate like a regular school with an ‘open door’ policy throughout the year.

All applicants are asked to take an entrance examination to help pinpoint their real suitability to the Cruise, resort or hotel industry. This examination is followed by several interviews by our selection panel, and the finalists from this process are offered a place during one of the terms.

There is no cost for the pre-selection examinations, and applicants may apply as often as they wish. The Academy fees are kept to an absolute minimum, to cover the costs of books provided to all students, meals (provided by the academy) and a nominal contribution towards salaries of teachers. There are no other costs until the applicant is selected for embarkation, when an administration fee is charged.

Details of this administration fee are attached (click on ‘fee details’) and openly declared to all applicants. (Generally two week\'s salary for first-time employees and one week\'s salary for repeat crew. These are one-time payments only.

All references and the past experience of applicant are checked and verifield, and the progress of each student in the academy and during job training is monitored and recorded. Wherever possible, we will visit the current workplace of applicants to verify their stated ability. (this is particularly important in the case of specialist cooks and bar crew).

Finally after a full term, the applicants are interviewed by a selection panel to prepare the applicant for a possible interview by a Principal, or representative of the Principal). Principals are also welcome to interview all students at any stage of their training, and the full enrollment is open for embarkation if required, but the Academy will guarantee integrity only for the interns who have completed the full course.

Because of increasing demands for Crew with outstanding personality, skill and integrity, the backgrounds of all students, applicants and repeater Crew are checked and re-checked. References are individually validated, and personal character references are checked with village and city police, family and community leaders. (a highly reliable method in Bali).

The IMO Convention requires effective practical training, without which we are unable to offer any applicant to our Principal. To comply with this requirement, we provide all students and enrolment in the required courses (Firefighting, Survival at Sea, SOLAS and other safety courses offered by the Indonesian Seamen’s Association). If Principals require request some other specific training, we arrange this via the appropriate embassies and organizations in Jakarta and Surabaya. Specific training to suit Italian-based ships requires all applicants to complete a 10-day Government-supervised Basic Safety Training Course in Surabaya.

To meet SOLAS requiremenst, all applicants and repeaters are required to pass an additional practical examination to verify their ability to swim and row. This is conducted formally by Team Wisata Tirta at Sanur Beach in Bali where all applicants are required to swim uninterrupted for 300 meters, and to row kayaks continuously for 1 nautical mile. ( Swimming is a natural ability in Bali because of our many big white-sand beaches).

All Applicants and repeat crewmembers are required to undergo a detailed medical examination before being accepted for embarkation. This examination is performed the MMC Clinic complex in Denpasar, and is one of the best in Indonesia. (click on ‘medical check’) The cost of the medical examination is borne by the crewmember and may be paid directly to the clinic or through BPC.

English is the entry language, and the only language used in the Training. We do not permit students or employees to speak in Indonesian or Balinese during their studies or in scheduled leisure times in the Academy building. Our foreign language teachers only use Balinese or Indonesian as a point of reference, with studies conducted between the Foreign Language (Italian, German) and English.

Clear and easy use of spoken, written, and reading in English comprises 35% of the points required to pass the final examinations. Foreign languages taught in the Language Laboratory in the Academy are Italian, German, Portugues, French and Russian. In January 2011, Japanese was added as a part-time course in case required by the Principal.

For general employment enquiries, please contact the following address:
Or call: +62 361 238513